1854 Society

The Blue Ribbon Foundation created the 1854 Society in commemoration of the Iowa State Fair sesquicentennial.

Funds raised by the 1854 Society helped renovate the Richard L. Easter Museum Complex and donations continue to provide archival quality storage needed for proper preservation of the museum’s historic pieces. This 3-phase project was initiated in 2003 to preserve and present over 150 years of Iowa State Fair history.

With a $1,854 initial membership fee to join this exclusive fundraising group, you receive these elite benefits:

  • Engraved granite paver at the Richard L. Easter Museum Complex
  • Gate admission for 2 each day of the Fair
  • VIP parking during the Fair
  • 4 priority seats to a Grandstand concert of choice
  • Limited Edition Commemorative Pin denoting membership year
  • Access to 1854 Society Hospitality Suite during the Fair
  • Exclusive 1854 Society Shuttle access during the Fair
  • Recognition in Blue Ribbon Foundation publications
  • Special Membership Reception during the Fair

Annual program renewal is $395, due by April 1 of each year. Renewing members continue to receive the same benefits with the exception of Granstand tickets and the engraved granite paver.

To take advantage of this program, please use our secure online order form or download our full brochure to learn more.