It's beginning to look a lot like...the Iowa State Fair!

August 1, 2011
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With only 9 days, 15 hours and 48 minutes left until the opening of the 2011 Iowa State Fair, the grounds are starting to look a little different this Monday morning. Normally when I come into the office each day, I may see a car or two pass by, someone walking their dog or the maintenance people driving by in a truck. This morning it was a little different…

Right when I turned off of University Avenue through Gate 2, I noticed the newly paved ground and beautiful landscaping surrounding the street. As I drove in past Little Hands, there is the Butter Cow image in the flowerbed right out front. As I made my way to Grand Avenue, that’s when things really started looking different.

Applicious, cheese curds, corndogs, cotton candy…the food vendors are all moving in! The Triangle is almost full  – even though it was before 8 a.m. when I passed by, I started getting hungry for cheese curds! They have always been my favorite, so of course when I saw them I was instantly excited.

I then turned left on Grand after I let all the traffic pass by me. On my way up the hill to our office, I drove by the Agriculture Building. I noticed last week that there was a strange vehicle parked there…Sarah Pratt, maybe? Well of course! With the Fair being less than 10 days away, I’m sure she is hard at work sculpting the Butter Cow.

Since her sculptures this year are a secret, it’s very tempting to go down to the Ag. Building to measure the spot I am placing a banner (no one needs to know that I already have the measurements).

All of us are getting really excited. I have a feeling this year is going to be a really great year for the Iowa State Fair. Please make sure you get your tickets and make a trip to the Fair! Our ticket office is open at the Administration Building every day, and if you get your tickets now they are only $7!


9 days, 15 hours and 31 minutes now!