Put it in the Books!

July 16, 2012
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Well, we have successfully completed the 16th Corn Dog Kickoff! It took lots of hard work, many volunteers, careful planning of the Blue Ribbon Foundation staff, and a full week of preparing in the Varied Industries building, but we all made it happen and it came together very nicely. You could even say it was pretty “sweet”!Here is a look at the venue before the doors opened and after the Kickoff started.


It was the first Corn Dog Kickoff for the three of us interns and we had a blast! Even though we may have not been able to feel our feet by the end of the night, being a part of such a well-known event like the Kickoff was a real privilege and one we will not soon forget. Were you able to attend the Kickoff? What was your favorite part? I had been waiting and waiting for my first Hot Beef Sundae of the year, and boy was it worth it! Even without the infamous spork they serve at the Beef Quarters during the Fair, it was delicious and I cannot wait to have more once the Fair starts.

This week is also a busy week for me as the Special Projects intern. This Thursday, starting at 6:00pm in the Elwell Family Food Center, we will be having the Volunteer Reception for all of those who donate their time to the Blue Ribbon Foundation and the Iowa State Fair. We will be having a meal catered by Campbell’s, as well as a presentation and a motorized tour of the fairgrounds! I am really looking forward to meeting all of you volunteers and getting the chance to assist you at the State Fair that is only a few weeks away!