A Little Taste of August

June 4, 2013
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What do you get when you cross the Blue Ribbon Foundation with June, July and August? A lot of fair preparation!! With the World Pork Expo going on right outside our windows, it's hard to not get a little bit antsy for the real deal. Grand ave is quickly filling up with booths, tents and stands giving us all a little taste of what is coming in August. On top of Iowan of the Day, the Corndog Kickoff and lining up our many gracious volunteers, I'm sure we will make a little time to walk the Fairgrounds in midst of the World Pork Expo! For people from all over the world to come not only to Des Moines, but better yet the Iowa State Fairgrounds, is something pretty special. If there is all sorts of buzz going on now, just imagine what it will be like in a couple months!

Remember there is still plenty of time to nominate someone for Iowan of the Day! There are some great examples of supplemental materials that our judge panel is looking for on our website. If you need some ideas, you can certainly look there. The time put into a nomination will be worth it in the end. Even if your nominee isn't chosen this year, they will still be considered for the next three years. Along with that, past nominators are more than welcome to re-nominate or send in more supporting materials. I have a giant box of worthy Iowan's of the Day under my desk- but don't worry, there is still plenty of room for more!!

Until next time!