Iowa State Fair Inspiration

January 17, 2020
drewnorton's picture

A few years ago the Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation auctioned off a State Fair inspired print created by Sticks, Inc. at the Corndog Kickoff Benefit Auction and Fair Food Grazing Party. The artwork said:

Nothing Compares to our Iowa State Fair.
Where millions of people meet, eat and compete. And tap their feet.
Weathering heat and rain to see talent shows, art shows, concerts and this year’s biggest pumpkin.
Where family traditions are made. Alongside the world’s best lemonade and evenings close with a finale of fireworks.

In addition to the words, there were illustrations of the Sky Glider, Giant Slide, Grandstand, Thrill Park ride and the famous Butter Cow. Included were three of the Fair’s favorite animals – horse, sheep, and pig. No State Fair picture is complete without the iconic food – corndog, wonder bar, cookies, turkey leg, cotton candy and lemonade. The artist even included a few things that are special of the state of Iowa - an ear of corn, homegrown veggies and jams, and the downtown Des Moines skyline.

This picture represents what people love about the Iowa State Fair – the fun, traditions, and family memories all capture in one frame. I hope these things inspire you to support the Blue Ribbon Foundation. 

When you choose to give a donation to the Blue Ribbon Foundation, it changes your perspective of the Iowa State Fairgrounds. You start to look at pictures differently and experience the event in an entirely new way. You become part of Iowa State Fair. You are improving the Fairgrounds for the next generation, offering them the opportunity to share in the special traditions and create their own. Join the Blue Ribbon Foundation and give a donation today.

P.S. We have another inspiring Iowa State Fair print created by Sticks (Pictured Below) available for sale in the online State Fair Store – get yours today.