January 28, 2020
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Where there is eleven days to do, eat and see everything at the Iowa State Fair. From the food, to the games, rides and competitions… How Do You Fair? Be There: August 13-23, 2020.

“How Do You Fair?” is the 2020 Iowa State Fair theme. In the marketing materials, there are really cool graphics using bright colors and State Fair images. Just as each of the images represents a unique aspect of the Iowa State Fair, every Fairgoer's answer to the question will be different.


The red guitar could represent all of the live music that takes place in the Grandstand each night or on one of the free stages throughout the day. Or it could represent the Bill Riley Talent Show or the hours of music played on top of the hill in Pioneer Hall.

The Ferris Wheel and Corndog are both State Fair staples but really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to rides and food. There are three separate Thrill Parks during the Fair dedicated to satisfy any adrenaline junkie. And the food options – on-a-stick, deep-fried, fresh from the garden, dipped, smoked or pickled – the possibilities are endless.

The yellow chick and brown cow represent all of the livestock featured. They could also represent the Animal Learning Center and the baby animals. But maybe they represent the education opportunities during the Fair, like Vet Camp.

My favorite graphic is the blue ribbon. Of course it was probably selected to represent the countless number of competitions that take place during the 11 days focused around livestock, food, art and every silly contest you can think of.

I like to think the blue ribbon represents the Blue Ribbon Foundation. So instead of “How Do You Fair?”, I'll ask “How Do You Support the Fair?”.

Over the next few months, the Blue Ribbon Foundation encourages Iowans to support the renovation and preservation efforts while filing their Iowa taxes. We call it the Corndog Checkoff program. Look for State Fair on line 57b of Iowa's 1040 tax form. Simply fill out the amount you would like to donate. If you are receiving a refund, the amount of your donation will be automatically deducted from your refund. If you owe taxes, simply add the donation to the amount you send in to the Department of Revenue.

August will be here before we know it. Until then (as we patiently wait for winter and tax season to pass) thank you for your support of the Corndog Checkoff.