Old and New

February 25, 2020
drewnorton's picture

When flipping through old Iowa State Fair photos, you can see what the people, activities and buildings looked like when the event first started.  Compared to new photos, it is easy to recognize the many improvements made across the Fairgrounds. The beloved Iowa State Fair traditions have stayed the same but the facilities have definitely gotten better.

In the last 27 years, your donations to the Blue Ribbon Foundation have helped make those improvements possible. One special giving program is in full swing. And just like old photos – this program has been around for many years but it is still providing support for new projects.

The Corndog Checkoff is an easy way to donate to the Blue Ribbon Foundation on your Iowa Tax Form. Look for “State Fair” when filing your taxes and fill in the desired donation amount. Your gift is either deducted from your refund or added to the amount due.  Contributions to the Corndog Checkoff are fully tax-deductible.  

Every dollar donated to the Corndog Checkoff is directly allocated to capital improvements. The program has raised more than $2 million, and has supplemented restoration projects like the Grandstand to the current renovation of the 4-H Building. In addition, funds generated have helped improve the campgrounds, parking areas, sidewalks and restrooms.  

We invite you to donate to the Corndog Checkoff. All it takes is one little checkmark on your state tax form to help the Blue Ribbon Foundation continue to preserve the historic Iowa State Fairgrounds.