Big Challenges - Bigger Vision

October 28, 2020
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The Iowa State Fair has faced many challenges throughout its history – competing fairs, war, economic hardship, and deteriorating buildings are just a few.  But you, our Fair family, have never given up on the Iowa State Fair; forever encouraging us to continue, to improve, and to think of the future.  In honor of all of those who have helped make our Fair the best in the nation, the Blue Ribbon Foundation created the “Big Challenges – Bigger Vision” fundraising campaign.

It is a big challenge!  The Iowa State Fairgrounds spans 445 acres with more than 40 buildings, some of which were constructed in the early 1900’s.  Mix in a million visitors and Iowa’s weather, and the amount of wear and tear adds up quickly. The Fairgrounds requires constant maintenance to keep these great historic structures in top-notch condition.

Our vision is to have a Fairgrounds that is not only a showcase for the Iowa State Fair but one that draws people in every day of the year.  We want visitors to find the Fairgrounds an attractive, user-friendly location for year round events.  Maintaining our infrastructure is all part of the service and pride the Fairgrounds brings to the east side, the metro area and to the state of Iowa.  Yet there are many areas of the Fairgrounds that still need attention.  Restrooms that need upgrading, barns needing repairs and countless other projects to keep our beloved Fairgrounds in the best condition possible.

We have a shared vision and the Blue Ribbon Foundation will strive to continue improving the historic Iowa State Fairgrounds so it will be the envy of the nation - now and for future generations. Thank you for being an essential part of our story. 

Thank you to the following donors that are taking on the challenge and sharing our vision for the future! The Blue Ribbon Foundation will continue the “Big Challenges – Bigger Vision” fundraising campaign throughout 2020. Please consider joining our mission. Thank you.