Indoor Activities

January 25, 2021
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As Iowans hunker down to endure more of the winter season over the next couple of months, the Blue Ribbon Foundation thought everyone could use some ideas for indoor activities. Here are some “Beat the Winter Blues – Blue Ribbon Foundation Style”. 

Engraved Brick Donation: Get the entire family involved to come up with a unique and creative inscription for an engraved brick on the Fairgrounds. Does your family ride the Ye Old Mill every year? Commemorate the experience with your own brick. I can see it now… 




Iowa State Fair GamesWhat better way to spend an evening indoors than playing a game. 

  • The Blue Ribbon Foundation has “It’s A Fair Game” available for sale. It is similar to the game of Life where each player has a career, travels and experiences new things. The player with the most money at the end of the game wins. Our version is all about the Iowa State Fair. Your career could be as a State Fair staff person, entertainer or exhibitor. You participate in contests and eat Fair food as you make your way across the Fairgrounds to the campgrounds.
  • The Blue Ribbon Foundation also has a puzzle available in the State Fair Store. This two-sided puzzle features a beautiful photograph of a Fairgrounds’ sunset. The other side is a brick pad complete with real donors’ names and inscriptions.

New Recipes: Who feels like trying something new in the kitchen? Take advice from experts and their blue ribbon winning recipes in the 20th Edition of the Iowa State Fair Cookbook.

  • Mexi-Mac’N Cheese, Tailgatin’Chili or Cinnamon Chip Scones all sound delicious to me!


Read a New Book: Take time this winter to learn more about your favorite summertime event. There is a history book with details, interesting stories and lots of photos from past Fairs. You can also learn about the Blue Ribbon Foundation’s history as an organization in the book, A Great State Fair - The Blue Ribbon Foundation and the Revival of the Iowa State Fair.

If you are like me, dreaming of summertime keeps you motivated in the winter. Does your summer To-Do List, include any Blue Ribbon Foundation related activities? 

  • Iowan of the Day: Do some brainstorming about what community members in your hometown went above and beyond to help others. Consider nominating that person as an Iowan of the Day during the 2021 Iowa State Fair.
  • Stay tuned for details about the Corndog Kickoff Benefit Auction, Saturday July 10. Want to be involved with the event? Donating an auction package consisting of your product or service is an excellent way to promote your company, as it will be seen - and bid on - by nearly 2,000 attendees.
  • Volunteer: Each year, more than 500 Blue Ribbon Foundation volunteers donate their time and energy by selling merchandise and bottled water at the Foundation's many stands. Stayed tuned for volunteer information in June 2021.

Winter in Iowa can be a beautiful time of year but we are thankful it's only one of the seasons. Join the Blue Ribbon Foundation as we count down the days to the Iowa State Fair – less than 200 days to go!