Small but Important Improvement

February 15, 2021
drewnorton's picture

Blue Ribbon Foundation donors have been responsible for large-scale improvement projects across the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Let’s look back at the Cattle Barn.

The John and Emily Putney Family Cattle Barn, covering 154,000 square feet with room to hold 1,600 head of cattle, is one of the most commanding structures on the Fairgrounds. The brick building was constructed in two major stages, in 1914 and 1920, uniting the original north and south barns and adding the sale ring.

Many improvements have been made to the Cattle Barn over the years. Updates included a new roof, new concrete floor in the foyer area and both the north and south ends of the west side were extended 35 feet to the sidewalk creating annexes used throughout the year.

Something small (that might seem insignificant but is essential) was recently updated. Earlier this year, crews upgraded the dozen Cattle Barn restroom hand dryers. Yes, it sounds simple but having functioning, hygienic and energy-efficient hand dryers are an improvement to any restroom experience. 

The Fairgrounds is hosting the Iowa Beef Expo this week. With the extra cold temperatures, the Blue Ribbon Foundation knows the new hand dryers will be used and appreciated by all attendees. 

The Foundation will continue to support smaller projects across the Fairgrounds this year. We hope you join our mission!