Spring Newsletter: 2001 & 2011

June 7, 2021
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As we enter the month of June, preparation for the return of the Iowa State Fair and the events leading up to it are in full swing. Although some things about the Fair never change, let’s take a look at what the Blue Ribbon Foundation was doing ten and twenty years ago.

What happened 10 years ago? (2011)

  • Expo Hill underwent the first out of two rounds of transformations for the 2011 Iowa State Fair. The changes included a solar panel system along the MidAmerican Energy Education Center and a display showcasing the energy produced by the array and turbine. The renovations also added new landscaping beginning at the tram stop on Grand Avenue, creating a path with plaza areas along the hillside.
  • Donor Profile: Scott Little & Shawn Roorda

This duo’s extraordinary teamwork does not go unnoticed. Scott Little and Shawn Roorda worked together professionally for over 15 years and had both greatly contributed to the Fair through volunteer efforts and involvement in the Blue Ribbon Foundation’s programs. Together they teamed up to create a photoshoot for the Fair Squares project. Talent and teamwork are a fantastic combination to continue the Blue Ribbon Foundation’s mission.

  • In 2011, three interns were hired including a Public Relations Intern, Special Projects Intern, and Special Events Intern. The Public Relations Intern in 2011 happened to be the Blue Ribbon Foundation’s future Communications Manager, Drew Sniezek.

What about 20 years ago? (2001)

  • Donor profile: David Wescott 

Waverly, Iowa native David Wescott spent countless hours volunteering for multiple days at the state Fair each year. On top of the time he dedicated, David also made generous donations to the Foundation in the form of the brick, bench, and tree programs. David’s pride for the Iowa State Fair was evident in the contributions and dedication he shows each year.

  • In 2001, the Blue Ribbon Foundation hired one Public Relations Intern for the summer to coordinate the Iowan of the Day program and assist with the Corndog Kickoff.
  • “Some Fair!” Competition invited Fairgoers to share their perspective of favorite Fair memories through a 500 word essay. The top three entries received a Fair prize package.
  • A couple of timeless traditions included in this newsletter were seeking volunteers for the 2001 Iowa State Fair and nominations for 2001 Iowan of the Day.  


Some programs like the Iowan of the Day still remain in 2021, while others programs are completely different from 2001 and 2011. What remains the same is the spirit of service from the supporters of the Blue Ribbon Foundation that commit to ensuring a great atmosphere at the Fair for generations to come.


-Megan Decker, 2021 Public Relations Intern