I'm a Blue Ribbon Kid, Are You?

June 14, 2021
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Some of my favorite memories at the Fair are from my time in the Blue Ribbon Kids’ Club. From sculpting my own butter cow to racing the big wheels, The Kids Club offers a different perspective for kids at the Fair.

Many people confuse the Blue Ribbon Foundation and the Blue Ribbon Kids Club. Although, The Blue Ribbon Foundation doesn’t coordinate the Kids’ Club, it does have a hand in making it a success. Blue Ribbon Kids' members will get a rare glimpse at the heart of the Iowa State Fair and become part of the action during special kids' club activities. Blue Ribbon Kids' Club members not only get a hands-on Fair experience but will receive a virtual birthday card and a monthly e-newsletter after signing up.


Gabby McCoy and Hannah McCoy racing big wheels in 2005. 


2021 Iowa State Fair Kids’ Club Events!

Thursday, August 12 – Fairfield and Friends Ribbon Quest Book Day at Kids’ Club

Follow the adventures of Fairfield, the Iowa State Fair’s mascot, as he tries to win a ribbon. Winning isn’t just about getting ribbons. Fairfield learns much more about being a good friend and trying new things. Come for the book reading but stay for the drawing lesson, pictures with Fairfield, Fairfield craft and much more! You can get a head start by purchasing our Ribbon Quest book online on the Blue Ribbon Foundation Website or at any of our merchandise booths at the Fair.


Monday, August 16 – Have You Herd? - Kids’ Club Style

Come and meet some Iowa 4-H’ers who exhibit animals at the Iowa State Fair! They are going to bring their animal to Kids’ Club and tell us all about how they care for their animal and how they get ready for the Fair and show day! You will learn more about 4-H and how to become a Clover Kid. The blue Ribbon Foundation renovated the 4-H building!


At this year’s Iowa State Fair, be sure to explore the renovated Bruce Rastetter 4-H Exhibits Building. A portion of the south exterior wall was removed, creating space for a new kitchen facility, storage area and loading bays. An expansion to the west added classroom space. The interior of the building is revitalized from top to bottom with new lighting, paint, floors and all new restrooms.


Friday, August 20 – Rainbow Gardens and Fresh Snacks Day at Kids’ Club

Fruits and veggies help us grow strong and healthy. They also taste great, add color and fun to our meals. The Iowa State University Culinary Science Club will be on hand to teach you how to make a colorful, tasty snack and have recipes to share! You will learn these things and more during Rainbow Gardens and Fresh Snacks Day at Kids’ Club. Be sure to check out our new garden as well!


Fairgoers of all ages will enjoy the new Family Garden north of the Paul R. Knapp Animal Learning Center. Filled with crops, plants, trees, even a tunnel with pole beans, gourds, and other vegetables growing overhead. This unique space will showcase a combination of rural and urban agriculture.


Whether you are a Blue Ribbon Kid or a kid at heart, Thank you for supporting the Blue Ribbon Foundation.

- Gabby McCoy, Vounteer Relations Intern