A Real Life Etsy Shop

June 17, 2021
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Food… Games… Prizes… Music… There are so many different things happening at the Corndog Kickoff, and that doesn’t even include the Auction! Over the past month, I have seen our office fill up with incoming auction items. Quilts, paintings, coffee grounds, salsa, soaps, candles and beyond have slowly taken over all available counter space. Taking pictures and sorting through this impressive mountain of items has been one of my favorite tasks so far. As someone who has not attended a Corndog Kickoff before, I had no idea the amount of donations we received or how unique many of the items can be.

Small businesses play a huge part in our state and they offer a personal touch that you can’t find just anywhere. The local talent displayed in some of these donations were too good not to share. Here is a quick peek at some of the unique items you can look for at this year’s Corndog Kickoff.

"Tweet" is a whimsical mixed media piece featuring birds, created by using pieces of sea glass, roosting on twigs. The artist is 16-year-old Reagan Peterson from Urbandale.

One thing you will not find anywhere else is Dirt Road Candle Co’s State Fair and Lemonade Stand scented Candles. These are hand poured by Michelle Myers from Lewis, Iowa and can even be recycled with a new scent when your candle runs out.

Another wonderful wall piece is "Sunset Ride" which is an original watercolor painting of the Sky Glider at sunset. This painting is by Jodie Hand, from Mrs. Hand Painted from Johnston.

Arguably, the most unique item of all were roasted crickets from Gym-N-Eat Crickets by Shelby Smith from Ames. The flavors of these cricket snacks include fiesta, buffalo ranch, hot & spicy, smoky bbq, sea salt & pepper and dill pickle. These are perfect for someone who is a more adventurous eater than I am.

Don’t miss out! The items we received from businesses both big and small, along with many individual donations will be available online this year through mobile bidding. This means you can bid on your favorite items from anywhere. Mobile bidding opens Friday, July 9th at 10:00 AM and closes the next day at 8:30PM. All bidding will take place through the GiveSmart App. Be sure to sign up early for the chance to preview all the auction packages before bidding goes live.