What is going on at the Fairgrounds in June?

June 21, 2021
Intern's picture

Over the past weeks, the Fairgrounds have been occupied with people. Two weeks ago on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday - the World Pork Expo was taking up most of the Fairgrounds. It was wonderful to see people walking around, giving us a little taste of what the Fair is like and how busy it will be. The Varied Industries building was buzzing with people milling around and so many booths to explore.

During the World Pork Expo there was free food available, you were offered choice of pork burger or ribs, a bag of chips, and small water. Our Office got to enjoy the pork burgers and they were awesome! While walking towards the food, myself and the other interns wandered around the Fair, down the main stretch, through the Varied Industries building. Outside south of the Varied Industries building were trailers and equipment everywhere. It was so nice to get a glimpse at what the Fair will be like.

This week is the National Junior High Rodeo. They are using more of the Fairgrounds, and lots of golf carts. It has been fun to see the golf carts go by the Blue Ribbon Foundation office, as many of them are decorated with fun flags and patriotic colors. It has been very exciting to see all of the people for this event arrive on the Fairgrounds. We are interested to see what other lively things will happen this week at the Rodeo. There are so many entertaining things happening on the Fairgrounds before the Fair, but I am most ecstatic about our Corndog Kickoff. This will be my first time at the Kickoff so I am so ready to try all the Fair food and see all of our beautiful auction packages!

Have you purchased your tickets? Buy now! Join us at the event as we raise money to keep improving the historic Fairgrounds that as you can tell are busy through the entire year.