Back the Barns

The Iowa State Fair has a legacy of hosting high quality livestock shows. In recognition of the pride shown by our livestock exhibitors, the Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation has created the “Back the Barns” campaign along with a commemorative belt buckle. The livestock barns as a whole will undergo a major $25 million renovation starting in 2023. Each structure will have dedicated restorations in areas that are vitally needed such as roofing, flooring, electrical, restrooms and tuckpointing to name but a few.

“Back the Barns” is a way for anyone with a passion for youth in agriculture to support the renovation of the barns on the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Providing youth with exceptional facilities in which to compete and showcase their hard work and skills every August is central to the Fair’s mission.

Please back our barns renovation by joining in this campaign to enhance the Fairgoer experience for years to come. Members of the Blue Ribbon Foundation’s “Back the Barns” campaign are those generous donors who have pledged $1,000 per year for 3 years in support of the Iowa State Fair’s historic livestock barn restoration project. And yep, you really do get a special belt buckle to celebrate your investment in our mission of preserving the Fairgrounds. It’s a mutual support program – we’ll help hold up your pants; you help hold up our roof.

Your membership can be paid in many ways
  • A one-time $3,000 gift
  • An annual gift of $1,000 for a 3 year term
  • Quarterly gifts of $250 for a 3 year term

These belt buckles don’t just represent the rich agriculture heritage of Iowa but are a symbol of your generosity in supporting the next generation of 4-H and FFA youth that will lead our state. In addition to your one-of-a-kind belt buckle, your name will be listed on a plaque recognizing donors when the project is complete. Your support of the barn restoration project will guarantee the tradition of showing livestock at the Iowa State Fair continues to expand and grow year after year.