A New View

May 14, 2021
Intern's picture

It has been a month since I started my internship with the Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation. I was so excited to start working! What an experience it has been!  Being an avid fairgoer, I thought I knew all about the Iowa State Fair and all it has to offer. Well I was wrong. There is so much more that happens behind the scenes to maintain and restore our beautiful Fairgrounds.
One of my larger tasks right now is coordinating brick orders from donors. It has been so wonderful reading the inscriptions people have thoroughly thought out before placing an order. There are some amazing and heartfelt brick inscriptions that share a very nice message or commemorate a loved one. Placing a brick on the Fairgrounds shows how much the Iowa State Fair means to them or meant to a family member.  Our brick program is a wonderful way to leave a little piece of your Fair experience for posterity.
Another task I have been working on is the Corndog Kickoff Benefit Auction and Fair Food Grazing Party. Entering patrons and creating lists and spreadsheets to make sure everything is in order for the event on Saturday, July 10th.  I am so excited to help pull together the Corndog Kickoff and be part of the sneak peak of the Fair. And I am more than ready to sample all the food that will be offered!
I personally love the Iowa State Fair and it has been amazing to see how much people love the Fair and how it’s a big part of their family tradition and favorite memories.

-Reegan Den Adel